I’ve gathered a few things for scouting over the years.  This will serve as a place where I store them online for others to find and use.

The Scoutmaster Handbook
Great reference for all scoutmasters and assistant scoutmasters.

Target First Class (OpenOffice Format)
This is an enhanced version of the Target First Class report you can run on Troopmaster Web. Usage: Run the “Target First Class” report, export it in Excel format. Copy the content (Scout names and X’s) and paste values into this template.

PLC Position Book
This is a reference book you can give to individual members of your Patrol Leader Counsel. These are pages taken from the Scoutmaster’s Handbook, along with some extra material I’ve gathered to help them fulfill their responsibilities.

Weekly Agenda
This can be used during PLC. The weekly agenda helps the PLC plan out their meetings.

2013 Priesthood Leadership Conference on Scouting
This is the booklet that was distributed as part of the Philmont training program. This is an incredible resource as it shows how Scouting roles correlate with priesthood roles, such as Stake President, Bishop, Quorum presidents. It is complete with excerpts from the handbooks, and specific sections for each scouting group.

Home or Troop First Aid Kit

Personal First Aid Kit

Rank Requirements


1. Packing List, Packing List 2
10. Exercise Record 30 days
11. Poisonous Plants

Second Class

6. Wild Animals
7. Personal First Aid Kit
8. Swimming Requirements (same as First Class 9)

First Class

2. Orienteering course at Heritage Park (map) (photos of landmarks)
6. Native Plants
9. Swimming Requirements (same as First Class 8)

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