Windows Virus… on a Mac?

My wife was given the opportunity to install a windows virus on her Mac today. Here’s what she saw:

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 2.59.36 PM


Here’s how we knew it was a Phishing attach:

  1. System error shows up in a browser. System errors usually don’t show up in a browser. They show up in the… system.
  2. Error in a browser alert box. This was probably architected in a way so that when the user clicks the “Okay” button to close the alert window, it gives the website permission to download a file.
  3. Windows-styled error box on a Mac. Eh-hem. A Mac will never show a Windows error window.
  4. This is a dead giveaway. In the background, a computer-generated voice was telling me I had a virus. I don’t know about you, but my computer never talks to me. Why start now?

As I stated in item #2 above, clicking the “OK” button may have initiated a download. So, I force-quit the application, and restarted.

Crisis Averted!

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