How To Enable Spell Check in TinyMCE

Have you been searching the interwebs for a way to add spell check into TinyMCE? There are a few plugins, but the ones I found depend on a server-side script. This is annoying because Browsers have spell check built in.

Well, it turns out, TinyMCE proactively turns off the built in browser spell check. You can re-enable it by adding the “browser_spellcheck” and “gecko_spellcheck” options, like this:

  browser_spellcheck : true,
  gecko_spellcheck: true

I’m not sure why they have two different options. They have documentation for the browser_spellcheck, but I found out about the gecko_spellcheck elsewhere. I’m assuming they are for different versions of TinyMCE.

2 thoughts on “How To Enable Spell Check in TinyMCE

  1. It works to enable underlining of mispelled words but it does not allow to show corrections in context menu by right-clicking. Any ideas ?

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