On Target 2010

On Target was one of the most memorable Scouting experiences of my life.  108 teams from Utah and Salt Lake County climbed numerous peaks around the area, listened to a short message from the General Young Men’s President, and contacted each other. We made about 15 contacts using a signaling mirror, 11 of which were reciprocated, from the top of Bismark Peak.

Jake is aligning the hole in the mirror with the bright spot in the shadow.

Signaling mirrors are double-sided mirrors with a small hole to see through them.  In order to signal another person, the operator will locate the target through the small hole, locate the light spot in the shadow cast by the mirrors, and align the hole with the light spot in the shadow.  Once the spot and hole are aligned, you are “On Target.”

Before we began, we saw a military airplane flying through the valley below.

We also saw some wildlife.  If anyone knows what kind of birds these are, please comment.

If you would like more information about On Target, please visit the official Utah National Parks Council On Target site.

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  1. You’re right, I should have mentioned the HAM radio network that made On Target possible. It is amazing to me how many ways there are to communicate. I wasn’t able to participate this year. It’s too bad, because that was one of my favorite things to do as a leader.

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