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Getting Windows XP installation discs for your Dell

If you bought a Dell computer with Windows XP pre-installed, chances are it didn’t come with a Windows XP installation disc.  It didn’t need one, right?  XP cam pre-installed.

Well, as Windows has it, if you use your computer, it slows down.  Call it a system architecture flaw… whatever. Fact is, you need to re-install XP every year or so in order to get maximum performance.  If you don’t care if your computer runs slow.. stop reading.

I have a Dell Windows XP Home computer in my possession right now that needs an overhaul.  Since I don’t have a disk, I went to Dell support to ask them for one.  Here’s the link they gave me over chat:

Simply fill out the form and you’ll get your disc in the mail. Really, all you need is the service tag number. No word on how long it will take.  No clue if my contact information will work. I guess we’ll just have to wait.

My advise to those of you who purchased a computer from Dell and didn’t get the operating system installation disk: Go get them now.  Because when your computer needs an overhaul, you won’t want to wait for the disk to ship.

P.S. It’s not too late to migrate to a Mac.  Macs don’t slow down over time, and they all come with an installation disc.

Update: You may need to transfer ownership.

Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

It looks a lot like WordPress 2.9.2, but from what the emails and blog posts are saying, it’s faster, more secure, easier, and more powerful.  My theme worked just fine, and it seems that all my plugins work just fine too.  I did change my theme to the default theme. We’ll see how that lasts.

I was a little concerned at how long it would take me.  A few iterations ago there was an update that required a lot of finagling and admin-like tasks. Since it was a full point upgrade (2.x to 3.x), I was expecting the same.  But, it was as easy as the last minor upgrade (2.9.1 to 2.9.2). It downloaded and upgraded within 10 seconds. That’s what I call service!

I’m looking forward to poking around to see what WordPress 3.0 has to offer.  If I find anything particularly interesting, I’ll post.

How-To: Rototill next to a sidewalk

If you ever find yourself rototilling ground next to a sidewalk, here’s how to get the ground right next to the sidewalk without hitting it with the rototiller tines:

Ground next to a sidewalk that a rototiller can't safely cultivate

First, rototill a row about 4 -6 inches from the sidewalk, then shovel the dirt away from the sidewalk and onto the rototilled row.

After that, rototill over the dirt you just dug away from the sidewalk.  The dirt will naturally fill in next to the sidewalk.  If not, you can rake some dirt closer to the sidewalk.

Second pass
Second pass
Dirt filled in

Last of all, you’ll want to sweep the sidewalk.

Stay tuned for updates on our garden.