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Red bird in Uintas

Gray and red bird perched on a limbWhile camping with the scouts near Bald Mountain in the Uinta Mountains, this little bird flew into view.  I was able to get close enough to get this shot.  It’s almost like he’s giving me his best “pose” while perched on the tree.

California Trees

Trees in Amador County, CaliforniaI took this photo while visiting Julie’s grandparents in Amador County, California.  From the moment we entered Amador County, I envisioned a photo of a couple of trees on a hill covered in brown grass. One day while we were on our way home, I unrolled my window and started shooting.  I was very pleased with the result.

How-To Change SSH Port

If you would like to help protect your site against brute-force attacks, start by changing your SSH Port. Here’s how:

1. Edit the ssh config file:

# sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Find this line:

Port 22

Now simply change your port number from ’22’ to something else.  Just make sure it’s not a port that is used for something else.

Port 1234

2. Restart SSH

# sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart

3. Close your SSH session and re-establish, like this:

# ssh root@host -p 1234


Buying CDs and DVDs

I’ve been asked a few times lately about purchasing DVDs and CDs.


  1. There’s no such thing as an “Audio CD” and a “Data CD.”  If it says “CD-R” it will work for either. Marketers want you to spend $5-$10 more for a box that says “Audio CD” for the same product that’s in the “Data CD” box.
  2. There is a difference between DVD+R and DVD-R, but it’s pretty small.  Some DVD players won’t play DVD+R, and some won’t play DVD-R. More play DVD-R than DVD+R, so if you’re buying DVDs for video, it’s safer to buy DVD-R.  However, DVD+Rs are cheaper, so if your DVD player works with DVD+R, it could save you about $10 per spindle.
  3. If you are having troubles playing your DVDs in your DVD player, you may need to try a higher quality DVD.
  4. Buy CDs and DVDs in bulk to save money.  Typically, you will pay less per disk when buying the 100-pack rather than buying the 10-pack.
  5. Don’t pay more than $20 for a 100-pack of CDs.
  6. Don’t pay more than $20 for a 100-pack of DVD+Rs.
  7. Don’t pay more than $35 for a 100-pack of DVD-Rs.


If you are in a time crunch, check out your local retailer.  If you’re not, check out, and

This is what I buy:

AmazonBasics 700MB 52x CD-R 100-pack
AmazonBasics 700MB 52x CD-R

AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD+R
AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD+R

AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD-R
AmazonBasics 4.7 GB 16x DVD-R