Migrating to Mac: Shortcut Keys

The first thing that I had to get used to when switching to a Mac was the shortcut keys.  It’s no longer Ctrl + C, it’s Command + C (you use your thumb instead of your pinky).  Here are some windows key combinations with their Mac counter-parts.

Function Windows Mac hint
Copy Ctrl + C Command + C
Cut Ctrl + X Command + X
Paste Ctrl + V Command + V
End of line End Command + → + Shift to select
Beginning of line Home Command + ← + Shift
Top of page Ctrl + Home Command + ↑ + Shift
Bottom of page Ctrl + End Command + ↓ + Shift
Forward one word Ctrl + → Option + → + Shift
Back one word Ctrl + ← Option + ← + Shift
Right-Click Option + Click
Display App Preferences Command + ,
Save Ctrl + S Command + S
Close Window Ctrl + F4 Command + W
Quit Alt + F4 Command + Q
File Info Command + I Option + Command + I
for multiple files
Delete a file delete Command + delete
Rename a file F2 Return

These should get you started.  I think once you get used to the mac keyboard shortcuts, you’ll see that Apple has really paid attention to detail to make the experience as simple as possible, yet still very powerful, especially when you use the rest if the keyboard shortcuts.

4 thoughts on “Migrating to Mac: Shortcut Keys

  1. SWEET! Thanks Devin. The rename function I was wondering about too. Most everything has been fairly easy to figure out. Still have not found num lock yet.

    Display app preferences is nice to know. Mac OS will sometimes tell me a shortcut but there is a character I can’t recognize on the keyboard. In the application finder for example its the 1st character for the short cut “Hide Others”when click on “Finder”.

  2. Yo bro! Very helpful site…I see you got tired of answering my questions and just made a site to answer them all. Nice to see you cater to only me lol.


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