Conserving Battery on a Palm Pre

The Palm Pre has many fantastic things built in. Some of these things, such as mail push, chat, use a lot of power, and you find yourself with a dead phone at 3:00.

Here are a few tips to conserve battery power.

First: Check your mail manually or less frequently

1. Open the Mail application.

2. Tap on the Email menu on the upper-left corner, then on Preferences & Accounts.

3. Select each account in the “Accounts” list.

4. About half way down the page, you’ll see a “Sync” section. Tap the “Get Mail” option and select anything but “As items arrive.” I set mine at 15 minutes. The greater the interval, the longer your battery will last.

Second: Turn off chat when not in use.

1. Open the Messaging application.

2. Tap on the Buddies tab at the top.

3. Tap the Green status indicator.

4. Tap “Sign off.”

Third: Close unused cards.

Every open card takes memory, which uses battery power.  Close your applications as you finish with them, and this will give you more standby time.

Fourth: Charge more frequently

Charge your phone daily. Most Palm Pres will last for a day under normal usage. Of course, if you’re like me and use your phone more often, you might want to get an extra charging cable or car charger, or splurge and get a Touchstone Kit to make charging a cinch.

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